Professional label designer and graphical application builder

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  • Integrate with production systems Integrate with production devices and software and use data from external sources on your labels or forward it to other business systems every time you print. Easily interface with bar code scanners, weight scales, PLCs, print applicators and other hardware.
  • Reduce development costs PowerForms builds applications faster than programming languages such as C# or VB.NET. This reduces application development costs and time to deployment.
  • Eliminate label printing errors Select the database record, see the label preview, and the printer status, and then print your labels. Less manual data entry and better label oversight makes a high level of quality control part of your normal printing process.
  • Build applications for touchscreens Layout the user interface for keyboard, mouse or touchscreen compatibility. You can also deploy it as Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for use in a browser across the enterprise or in the cloud*.

*Web browser requires NiceLabel Portal (Private) or NiceLabel Breeze (Cloud)