Professional labeling for industry

The most powerful label designer now with EasyForms™


Every feature you need for compliance labeling The designer includes all the layout and data tools you need to design labels allowing easy compliance with industry standards.

Work with large databases You already have your label data in a database; why not use it to improve your labeling? Using queries you can extract only the data that you need. You can also combine records from two or more tables in a database using Joins.

EasyForms give you simple error-free printing EasyForms give your operator simple label printing, all within one form. This reduces dataentry errors, label misprints and duplicate serial numbers associated with printing from multiple dialogue boxes or label design programs.

Easily create complex variables Variable label data can come from as many sources as you need. Full serialization, including non-decimal serial numbers, custom barcode check digits, global variables, output masks, date/ time arithmetic and scripting help you easily create complex variables.

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